Freeman and Clark specialize in fly on the wall observational documentary

We shoot authentic human stories in a low-profile, cinema verite style. We immerse, we explore, and we emerge with stories that contain something essential to the moment.

  • "Capturing very specific moments in Nashville's present tense, these artfully shot black-and-white videos build a cumulative picture of a vibrant city in constant motion."
    Best of Nashville, Nashville Scene
  • "How can they know one another if they have forgotten or have never learned one another's stories?"
    Wendell Berry
  • " There's no food porn, indie rock stars or high-gloss prime-time soap opera at work here... a portrait of the city infinitely more interesting by comparison."
    Steve Cavendish, Nashville Scene
  • "Ultimately, this understanding will encourage a stronger connection with our neighbors, building a stronger community."
    City Paper

Our projects

Our work ranges from independently produced feature documentaries to nonprofit and commercial projects. Our most recent film The Ballad of Shovels and Rope is getting some love on the festival circuit. The innovative web series, Nashville Docujournal, was a pure passion project showcasing some of our most exciting, gritty work.

Folks we've worked with

We LIKE WHAT WE DO & do what we like.

We've taken assignments that span business sectors and media platforms—editorial, corporate, documentary, music videos, and live events. We've introduced new products and captured unscripted moments. You can turn us loose with minimal direction, or you can hand us a shot list and stand next to us for every frame. Sometimes we do all the post, sometimes we hand over the files the minute we wrap.